How the Web Design Process Works

Your Initial Contact...

You may contact me and to send an initial briefing click here. From this and perhaps a phone call, I will be able to make an estimate of costs.

Listening and Analysing

I listen to your needs and requirements, and together we outline and list the main objectives for your website, and determine the target audience.

I become familiar with the ethos of your company and its brand, and form a detailed picuture of your clients and potential clients' profiles.

I create a project plan and timeline. I gather content and graphics. I determine domain and hosting requirements.

Information Architecture

I work with you to organise the content by producing a ";wireframe"; a skeletal structure which maps the site's the flow and navigation. We identify how the layout will work best, the pages required, and other requirements. Your job is then, within this framework, to produce your expert content for each page's copy.

I will then go away and produce 3 or 4 conceptual designs, using Storyboards which will convey navigation but which will also give an idea of graphics and layout, but without back end programming. This process should take about a week. I will then consult with you and refine or amend your chosen design to meet your needs.

Search Engine Optimised Design, and Choosing a Domain Name

If necessary I advise on a domain name for your site using best practice for search engine optimisation.

I discuss keywords that best describe your business for search engines.


I then make the project real. I refine the front end layout and graphics. I program and integrate the backend and resolve database problems. I register a domain name, and web host, and if necessary advise on creating a merchant bank account or subscribing to a proprietory e-commerce shopping software company. I create a sitemap of your site link to Search Engines and advise on other links to improve Search Engine ratings


To ensure repeat visits and repeat customers, websites must constantly be new and fresh. I will help you maintain your success. Text content, images, pricing information, products, or any other web page element can be changed at any time. Depending on whether I have developed a Content Management System for your project, I can either work on an hourly rate or I can come to an arrangement to maintain your website over a period of time.